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How digital marketing is affecting our world.

Elections in over 67 countries have been swayed by digital marketing. How ordinary people receive their information has never been more bias.

These are bold claims to make, but unfortunately they are facts. We explore how digital marketing is affecting our world and what this means for you.

Why most digital marketing agencies are con artists.

We explore why most digital marketing agencies are con artists that make false promises and literally con their clients out of their hard earned money.

As far as we can surmise, there are 5 main reasons to how and why this behaviour continues.

How digital marketing should be done.

As with building a house, each digital marketing campaign needs planning, foundations, structure, utilities and then finishing touches.

We talk you through what each of these stages looks like, why they are essential & how they are forecasters of success.

How digital marketing is affecting our world.

Almost everything that you see online is being shown to you because of your unique digital footprint. Have you ever looked up holidays and been followed around the web by holiday adverts? Well, it goes much deeper than that.

We prove, explore & explain how the platforms we all know and love generate content specifically for you to keep you engaged, what the effects of that are to you and the wider world.

Why most digital marketing agencies are con artists.

Almost every business has had a terrible experience working with at least 1 marketing agency. We are here to explain why most marketing agencies are con artists, how they fail to get you a result & what they do to pull the wool over your eyes.

The simple truth is that it is not luck to whether or not your marketing will succeed. There is a simple, proven and highly effective methodology to get results and drive success. We explore why most marketing agencies don't follow this methodology & how they scam honest businesses.

How digital marketing should be done.

We are extremely passionate about how business strategy & digital marketing can work in harmony to generate phenomenal results for great businesses.

In this section we break down every step to a successful marketing campaign starting from initial research, planning & strategy creation - all of the way through to creating adverts, testing emails, SEO, improving credibility/reputation and more.

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This section is filled with our thoughts, observations & comments on the happenings within the world of business, marketing, technology & data.

Not always relevant to business growth, but we find it interesting and a worth while read nevertheless.

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