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- Your strategy will make or break your business -

Strategic digital marketing has swayed elections in over 68 countries & grown £billion companies. It absolutely has the power to transform your business too.

Digital marketing is the most powerful tool in our modern world. It was strategy, data & £1 million a day on digital ad spend that put Trump in the White House and Brexit through the referendum. The level of political advertising spend and the shock results in many key areas is well documented.

When done right, digital marketing has the power to sway the hearts and minds of thousands to millions of people to your objectives.

Take a look at the link below if you are in any doubt of how powerful effective strategy, data & digital marketing can be:

Your success in marketing & business is 100% dependent on your strategy.

Arguably the greatest military mind of all time, Sun Tzu, said over 2,500 years ago; "Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought. Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat".

"A well-planned strategy of deployment, mapped out to the smallest detail, is as much a guarantor of success as a hastily formed plan is a guarantor of failure. Success is pre-determined even before a battle begins. Every smart military commander knows this. Execution is wonderful, but planning — and the research that precedes planning — is paramount".

The same is true in business, business growth & digital marketing.

It's not luck that decides which businesses will be successful or which will fail. It's careful research, planning & knowledge. The execution of the work is the easy part which matters the least. That's the bit that every marketing agency does, and that's why they very often fail to get results. We, however, are the strategists that lead you to success.

We turn business goals into results via effective marketing strategies.

1. Your current business situation & goals

2. What your customer needs

3. When, where & how.

How we create effective digital marketing strategy:

We have to start with the end point.

The first step to a great strategy is your end goal. We can only create an effective strategy which can work if we have an end point to aim for. This helps us judge the numbers, choose the best channels for you, work out the most profitable customer groups and find out what is commercially viable and what is impossible.

Pick a finite business objective such as "I want to grow our turnover from £500,000 to £750,000 in 12 months". This gives us a point to aim for so we can figure out how to achieve it & the best way to make it happen.

We then look at your figures, facts & data.

The next step is looking at your numbers, both from your website as well as the financials surrounding your products/services.

This is important because your website may convert on average at 2%, but you might have some products/services/pages converting at 1% and others converting at 4%. If the stuff converting at 4% also has great gross profit margins, you have a good supply chain of & is something that you want to pursue then that's potentially a far better bet than the 1% option.

It's all relative and requires context, but that's our job. We pick apart the numbers, financials and data to work out what looks possible. We call this the "internal opportunity".

Next, we find out what's going on with your ideal customers.

We have developed an industry leading method of discovering the problems that your customers have. We can see what they are looking for on Google, YouTube, AppStore & PlayStore, Pintrest, Instagram and more.

We know what problems they are looking for solutions to, what goals they are trying to achieve and what products/services they are looking to buy. We know if they need their answers in a video, in images (and what sort of images), in text/blog, if they are ready to buy or looking for more information and what that information is.

This is what we call the "external opportunity".

We then pull your perfect plan together.

In short, we pull together the internal opportunities and check them against the external opportunities. We find what you do well at & what the potential is vs what's going on outside of your business.

We then look at how to cross the bridge between what you're doing now and how to reach & acquire the external opportunity. Do you need more information on your website? Do you need more credibility? Is your website amazing but you're simply not attracting enough attention? Are you calling your product/service something different to how your audience calls it?

We answer all of these questions and more in a simple step by step plan of how to get you from where you are now to reaching you starting goal.

We're so good that we can even accurately forecast financials and results. 

Because we check all the data from your business and we have access to all of the external data, we are able to accurately predict & forecast financial performance and results.


You have a service that retails at £100 with a gross profit of £40. This is a service that you can scale infinitely and you want to grow this area of your business.

The web page for this service converts at 1.5% but is missing a lot of information and doesn't have a smooth journey. We think we can get this to 2-3%. 

Currently per 100 visitors you make £60 profit from 1.5 sales. Let's assume you have 1,000 visitors, 15 sales and £600 profit.

There are thousands of people looking on Google and YouTube for solutions to a problem that your service would fix. The average cost to get a click is £0.78.

Let's say you have a budget of £1,000, that means we can get you 1,282 new visitors.

1,282 new visitors + 1,000 current visitors = 2,282.

Conversion rate of 2.5% = 57 sales.

57 x £40 = £2,280 - £1000 (budget) = £1,280 profit.

Additionally, that's another 42 customers that you can get reviews from to grow your credibility, that can talk to other people and generate new business through word of mouth & that you might be able to sell to in the future.

The point is that we can predict your results and show you if we think that digital marketing can generate you a profit.

We have 3 teams:

Suffolk & London, England

Madison Avenue, New York

Saskatoon, Canada

You can see your results in real time

With our simple award winning proof-of-performance & real-time reporting.

See your strategy play out with real time reporting.

Every single client of Chance or Insight gets their own secure login to their own reporting portal. It is in here that we show you every single activity that we are doing for every service that you have signed up for and every single result.

You can see every social post we have written, every email that we have sent, every review that we have gotten you, every business listing that we have claimed, every advert that we are running, every rank you have gained in Google. 

Absolutely everything with 100% clarity.

100% transparency and honesty, every single day.

We don't hide a single detail from our clients. We put every penny of spend in our real time reporting, show you every click, every lead/sale & your ROI.

You can dig as deep as you want. We have the top-level numbers of how well a campaign is doing, but you can dig into the ad sets under that campaign and down to the individual adverts. 

You can see every piece of work that our teams have done on your business, timestamped to the second of completion and marked by which member of our team completed the work.

There is not another digital marketing agency that is as honest, open & accountable as Chance or Insight are.

We want to work with you.

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